Bi-directional links among model properties

Panel has a bidirectional mode for its jslink() method, which enables changes to either models’ registered property to affect the other.

I am trying to accomplish something similar with native bokeh models, and am certainly willing to explicitly register two js_link() methods to do so. However, my use-case is to link a DateRangeSlider's value to a RangeTool's x_range.

From the bokeh documentation, it is straightforward to handle one direction of this, viz something along the lines of …

Additionally, to use attr_selector to attach the left side of a range slider to a plot’s x_range:

range_slider.js_link(‘value’, range_tool.x_range, ‘start’, attr_selector=0)

Is there an analog so that the x_range property of the range-tool can update the range-slider’s values?