Blank browser when serving bokeh plot (works fine on cell phone browser!)

Hello all!
I am serving a Bokeh application on a windows server with IIS. The code connects to two databases and runs queries and then makes a small plot.
I am able to view this dashboard on my cell phone chrome browser, but the chrome browser on my PC throws:

[bokeh] setting log level to: 'info'
[bokeh] Websocket connection 0 is now open
[bokeh] Lost websocket 0 connection, 1006 ()
[bokeh] Failed to connect to Bokeh server Error: Lost websocket connection, 1006 ()
Uncaught (in promise) Error: Lost websocket connection, 1006 ()
    at t._on_close
    at WebSocket.t.socket.onclose
[bokeh] Websocket connection 0 disconnected, will not attempt to reconnect

and in the server terminal I get:

WebSocket connection opened
ServerConnection created
WebSocket connection closed: code=None, reason=None

I set websocket_max_message_size to high amounts but it doesn’t make any difference. Also, I have tried with other browsers and other devices, it works fine on mobile phones, but shows blank on laptops!
I really appreciate any help you can give me.

@Farinaz_Nazari Unfortunately I’m not sure what can be said without being able to reproduce. You mention IIS, does this happen when you connect a browser directly to the the Bokeh app? Or only when IIS is involved? Your browser should have a network debugging tab, is there any useful-looking information there?