Blog Posts about Bokeh

I have written a couple of blog posts about Bokeh.

The first one is about building Bullet Graphs and Waterfall charts with Bokeh:

I also wrote about building an Interactive Visualization of Australian Wines.

Feel free to reference if you feel it is appropriate.



@chris1610 I remember the excellent Bullet Graph post, thanks for sharing again. I had not seen the second one!

I think a Bullet Graph would be a great addition to any or all of: the “Categorical” tutorial/howto notebooks, the Categorical user guide chapter, or the examples directory. If you ever feel like contributing this or similar example to the project we would be glad to have it!

Thanks. Is it best just to issue a pull request when I get to it?

I’ll try to pull something together and let you know.

Definitely a PR woudl be great. Some possible places to think about:

Could also add to the narrative docs in the User’s Guide but we could discuss/collaborate on that once a PR is open.