Blurry Axis Issue

I am having the same issue related to this thread . My axes seem to be a little blurry. This limits the ability to take screenshots of the plots. Are there any updates or suggestions for improving font definition? I’ve tried changing the font and size, as well as hidpi = True. I’m using chrome version Version 84.0.4147.125 (Official Build) (64-bit).

If there were any updates, they would be in that GitHub issue. And if you have any information to add, please do so in that issue as well.

@Greg_Black As mentioned in the issue I am not sure what else we can do at this point (although I would love to hear any suggestions). We just call the standard fillText method on a standard HTML Canvas rendering context. Everything after that is in the browser’s hands and outside our control.

If you want to help investigate, then I can suggest that you (this falls to you since you are the person who can reproduce things) look at plots on the docs site across various versions, e.g.

Do those plots exhibit what you are seeing in your own plots? What about going back to older versions (e.g. 1.x, 0.x) does the problem persist across versions? The only thing that would point definitively to the problem being something we can do anything about is if it can be shown that new versions have a problem, but old versions do not.

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Hi Bryan,

I’ve noticed that this label is showing up clear

stackpdc_labels_low = LabelSet(x='lowlist', y='Pets', text='low_format', level='glyph', text_align='center',
        x_offset=0, y_offset=-5, source=stackpdc_source, render_mode='css', text_font_size='12px', text_baseline='middle')

Whereas this label is blurry

raw_ref_labels = LabelSet(x='raw_ref', y='Pets', text='raw_ref', level='overlay', 
        x_offset=-15, y_offset=0, source=avg_source2, render_mode='canvas', text_align='center', text_font_size='12px')

All axes, labels, titles are blurry except this labelset with render_mode = ‘css’. Is there a way to change the default render mode for all objects?


@Greg_Black No there are only a handful of places that offer CSS render mode, and some of those have already been deprecated. Bokeh is, at core, a canvas plotting library. Did you have a chance to survey they gallery with different versions? I’m still not seeing or able to reproduce any blurry axes on OSX either Safari or Chrome (85.0.4183.102) with latest Bokeh version.