Bokeh 2.2 page does not render, need help debugging

Hi, we just upgraded to Bokeh 2.2 and our application does not render all components in the UI. We see no error in the console, but in the front end we get the following error:

We have no idea what could be the cause or how to debug this. Does anyone have any suggestions?
In Bokeh 2.1 everything runs fine.

Looks like a bug, because whatever you do, bokehjs shouldn’t fail like this. However, without more specifics, e.g. browser platform, and especially a reproducible test case, it will be hard for us to help you out.

Thanks, it is helpful to know that the cause may be in bokehjs.

Some additional info: Windows 10, Edge (Chromium version).

Test case will be hard to extract, but we will try to pinpoint it some more.