Bokeh 3.3 is released!

Bokeh 3.0 is out! This release includes:

  • Expanded support for polygonal hit testing and added greedy mode
  • Added support for ScaleBar annotation
  • Added support for ColorMap widget (palette selector)
  • Added support for inline math text expressions
  • Added support for zooming sub-coordinates
  • Support for any box-like glyphs to BoxEditTool
  • An easier way to reference models’ views
  • Added support for BoxAnnotation movement/resize limits
  • Added stack_labels property to WeightedStackColorMapper
  • Fixed a regression in handling root-relative server resource URLs
  • Improved Bokeh.index to allow retrieving views for any model
  • Various performance improvements to bokehjs
  • Improved discovery and configurability of chromedriver in
  • Redesigned Tooltip CSS for better positioning