Bokeh 3.4 is released!

Some highlights of this minor release include:

  • Added support for “floating” UI elements (e.g. Dialog) and node positioning system (pull request 13538)
  • Redesigned UI gesture handling and added support for zero latency tap (pull request 12831)
  • Added support for padding, border_radius, etc. to Label and Title (pull request 12825)
  • Added support for interactivity (rotation) to Label when editable=True (pull request 12825)
  • BOKEH_DEV=true now defaults to server development resources (pull request 13042)
  • ColorMap widget was renamed to PaletteSelect (pull request 13537)
  • Enabled JavaScript’s strict mode (“use strict”:wink: in bokehjs’ bundles (pull request 13523)
  • Added support for xor selection mode and selection inversion (only for point selections) to select tools (pull request 13545)

For more details about this release, see the release notes here: Releases — Bokeh 3.4.0 Documentation

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