Bokeh Applet Update: Writes to socket but no reaction in backbone

I’m building a bokeh applet, and am having some stability issues. The general framework is modeled off of the stock_applet example. My applet includes a number of plots, for which the source is specified by a number of Select buttons.

When the item works, the user specifies a change in a Select. On the cmd side, I see the update registered. The steps to refreshing the applet are fully completed, the data looks fine when I inspect it, and the plots are created. Everything is passed back via curdoc().add(self). On the cmd, I see that the message is sent to the socket (wsmanager), and then

bokeh.server.views.backbone: loading done ### num models: ###


However, for particular pieces of source data, this doesn’t work. I see that the message is sent to the socket, and everything before seems to be completed successfully (data inspected, plot creation process fully completed), but I don’t get these last three lines, and the browser page is blank except for a small “link to this” hyperlink.

Poking around, I saw that the issue of the document not properly serializing will sometimes occur. Can someone expand on this? I’m having trouble finding the issue–my data is systematically generated, so there aren’t format differences, file to file, and I’ve manually inspected everything that I can imagine might cause an issue. Right now, I’m running the server with -v -d, but if anybody has advice on how I can get more information on where the server is getting stuck, I’d appreciate the help.