Bokeh application executable

I created a simple bokeh application and I want to find a way that my local users can access directly to the application without using cmd : bokeh serve --show

like creating an executable.

@Bryan any help please for that question

@Soul This is a community with several active responders. There is never a reason to tag any one individual, and certainly not after only after a few hours. Users here are spread across all timezones, and in addition, it is currently a holiday in the US (where I am). You should adjust your expectations for responses to be in terms of days, not hours, and be patient.

I have zero experience with pyinstaller or py2exe or any tools like that. I personally think they are usually a bad solution to any situation, so I cannot offer any guidance about those. Maybe there is someone else here who can comment, but generally you should direct questions about using those tools to support forums or issue trackers for those tools.

Otherwise, all I can point you to is documentation for embedding Bokeh server as a library, which would let you run a Bokeh server app from a “regular” Python script, rather than bokeh serve.

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Why not have the server running on a local computer and give users a local URL to bookmark in their browser?
No need to install Python/Bokeh/etc… on everyone’s machine to access the app.

eg I use this to launch an app that I can connect from another local machine:

bokeh serve --address --allow-websocket-origin=


There is a minimal example here howto
I used it and pyinstaller. But it is very tricky to build an executable. You should determine and copy all required libraries with pyinstaller, then debug the .exe.
The best way is to use a centralized server to run code and clients will connect with web browser (no installation required on client pc).