Bokeh autoload script session synchronizes plots

Hello all,

I am loading multiple plots from a bokeh server into my website with an autoload script.

When I press a button the autoload script generates the same plot from a session a second time with the same websocket connection. This functionality is great, but if I change a parameter of one of the plots, all plots get synchronized and have the same parameter.

Is there a way to have multiple plots within one session where the interactions do not synchronize?

Thanks for your help. I hope I explained my problem clearly enough.

One session means one document. One document means that if you reuse a model instance then any change to that instance will be propagated.
I don’t think I fully understand what exactly you’re doing and why you’re doing that, but regardless of that you have two options - either stop reusing sessions or stop reusing model instances.

Thanks for the quick answer. In order to use bokeh plots with holoviews and the datashader on a webpage, I need to load the plots with an autokod script.
Any other attempt resulted in the datashader functionality not working…

@Julian3012 it’s not really possible to speculate without some actual details (i.e. code) of what you are doing. Otherwise all we can do is answer the question generically “yes, it is possible”.