Bokeh biosciences testimonial/use case

Hi there,

I just read the bokeh 1.2 relase notes and noticed the call for testimonials and use cases of bokeh in the biosciences. I noticed that the form in the release notes was closed, but if it is any way useful to have another testimonial/use case, please feel free to use the below or let me know if you need a detailed description. I really enjoy using bokeh and hope you get all the funding you need!

I am a PhD student working in a biomedical engineering lab where we use bokeh together with panel to create dashboards to facilitate investigation of microscope images of human and mouse stem cells. The interactive abilities of both plots and widgets is critical for understanding our data and has been straightforward to set up thanks to bokeh’s great api and documentation. The analysis pipeline that we are building is part of the lab’s aim to understand how collective behavior among colonies of stem cells direct their fate acquisition trajectories.

Hi @joelostblom Thanks for the note. We have already submitted this proposal earlier this week, but it’s always good to hear about what people are accomplishing with Bokeh. If you have time and “pretty pictures” that you can share, then a short write-up in the Showcase category would be really terrific! We definitely want to build up good collection of things to point at whenever the question “Who uses Bokeh?” comes up.


Will do! This is still very much in active development so since there is no impeding deadline as with the Biosciences submission, I will aim to make a post in the Showcase section later this fall.