Bokeh - CrossHairToon touch device

Hello all,

I would need help with CrossHairToon on touch device. Think is that on PC where you hover by mouse Chart nicely shows possition of “CrossHairToon” but if you display same chart on touch device and you try to hover then Edge / Chrome … is trying to move in window not to move CrossHairToon.

Is there a way how to update it?

Thank you


I suspect the crosshair tool simply does not work well or at all on touch devices, unfortunately. It’s actually unclear how a crosshair tool would be expected to behave on a touch device, I think someone with much more touch UX experience (than me) would need to to fist make a proposal about how such a tool should even work from a user perspective.

I suppose one option would be to make the crosshair tool act like a drag tool on touch (so it would be exclusive of pan and selection tools, etc) But it’s currently a foundational assumption that “inspectors” do not conflict with other gestures like pan/drag, so this would be a really large change to figure out and implement without breaking lots of other things.

Crosshair tool and hover in general currently works on touch devices when using a suitable kind of pointer together with a device that can support that pointer, i.e. one needs a pen that can work in proximity of a screen. I don’t know if this can be achieved with finger touch. Probably not in general, if at all. When using finger touch gestures, hover is still applicable, but is currently conflated together with tap gestures, which likely may not be desired. In the long ther, we will probably need to have a separate mode in bokehjs for UI interactions on touch devices.

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