Bokeh custom model registration

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I’m trying to create a basic custom model that extends the Select model.

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I made a class and typescript code where I create the custom model and have it import extend Select. Every time I get the “Error: could not resolve type ‘mySelect’, which could be due to a widget or a custom model not being registered before first usage”

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Here is all of my code.

from bokeh.layouts import column
from bokeh.models import Select
from bokeh.plotting import curdoc
from bokeh.util.compiler import TypeScript

CODE = """
import {Select} from "models/widgets"

export class MySelect extends Select {


class mySelect(Select):

    __implementation__ = TypeScript(CODE)

my_select = mySelect(name="my_select", options=['A', 'B', 'C'], value="A")

doc = curdoc()

I tried to make it as simple as possible for a MRE, but I worry that I’ve missed something important because of that. I saw a similar question here that stated I need to add the JS and CSS but I am not entirely sure where to add them. Any help would be much appreciated. This is all with bokeh 3.3.0.

Update: if I use the js cdn in the custom model with __javascript__ = “<cdn link>” I get this error in the console: Uncaught TypeError: bokeh.register_plugin is not a function

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