Bokeh dashboard not rendering on browser

Hi, I am trying to run a bokeh app on a python server (Jupyterhub) and access it on a browser. The command bokeh serve --show --allow-websocket-origin runs successfully in the terminal but, however, I am not able to access the dashboard via the browser. Below is the screenshot of the terminal log. Any help on this issue would be really helpful, thank you.

According to the screenshot above (please do not post screenshots of code or logs, they are not accessible or copy-paste-able—just post formatted text) the server never received any incoming HTTP connection at all. Possible explanations:

  • You never navigated to the Bokeh server URL
  • Network disconnection prevented the connection request from reaching the Bokeh server
  • There is a reverse proxy or firewall in front of the server that blocked the connection
  • Other things…

It’s not possible to speculate without more details.

Sorry about that, I will delete the post and write one without any images. Thank you

No need for a new post, comment was for future reference. But more details are needed to make any speculation in any case.

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