[bokeh] Deploying Bokeh Application on Python?


There’s no special integration with nginx, it’s just that we went and worked out the nginx config and documented it. Apache should be capable of a comparable configuration as far as I know, but we haven’t figured it out and documented it. In principle it’s straightforward - bokeh serve is analogous to any other app server (python, ruby, java) and people commonly use both nginx and apache in front of all of those.

You can develop a Flask app and embed plots. One relatively complex scenario is in this demo, which uses django but you’d do a similar thing with flask: https://github.com/bokeh/bokeh-demos/pull/13

A simpler scenario would have a Bokeh app that’s self-contained and the server would simply embed html from autoload_server(), not do any manipulation of sessions.



On Wed, Jan 6, 2016 at 3:02 PM, Nana Okyere [email protected] wrote:

I saw some doc about deploying a bokeh app on nginx servers in the upcoming release documentation. I have an apache server and I was hoping for such an option. Is it supported but maybe not documented? I have internal plugins that only works with apache that gives gives me access to users, their email address, etc. Is there a way to deploy onto apache? I just found out that the new version of server is not based on flask anymore but tornado so I’m really trying to see if this is possible before committing time into developing the app with bokeh. Or maybe I can develop a standard flask app and embed the plots / widgets into the template. Suggestions are welcome. Thanks.

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