Bokeh Div add onclick event

Hello everyone,

I’ve been trying for a while to add an onclick event to a bokeh Div widget in order to raise a callback. However, it’s not possible to do it since it’s not natively defined.

I also tried to create a “Custom” class from Div to add the on-click event but I didn’t succeed either.

If you have any suggestions, I’m interested…

Thank you in advance.

Are you 100% sure that having a clickable div is a good idea in your case? Is there really a good reason to not just use a Button?

For reference, this question has been asked many times before. Just the first 3 from Discourse that I found:

The answer is the same every time - either use a Button or create a custom model that doesn’t require Bokeh events to know that a user has clicked on it. For an example, take a look at how AbstractButtonView.render is implemented - it uses a regular JS event to know when the button is clicked.

Thank you for you answer and the references !