Bokeh excessive browser console errors

Hello folks,

I have set up my panel ( dashboard, and it is looking good, and does not throw any errors into Python console when I change some widget values (and my Bokeh plots updated as a consequence of that). However, what does bother me still is this strange behavior:

a) The app instantiates a few default values and populates Bokeh plots with them upon the session start. None of that is followed by console errors.

b) whenever I select a different value of a widget (e.g. that involves pulling data for a different group of measurements), the bokeh plots are updated accordingly. But the JS console is then contaminated with 100+ errors of the same kind, that are difficult to debug:

They are pretty much identical, and I am not sure whether that is a big deal or not. They seem to happen on both local and remote deployment. As opposed to local deployment though, on my remote deployment they are usually followed (~with 5-10s delay) of a Websocket connection drop with error 1006. At this point it is difficult to understand what 1006 can be related to, but likely not websocket message max size (as it happens after all data is delivered, and plots updated).

I am using panel's bleeding edge master version, but clearly as per above, the problem does not necessarily originate on python side.

@AntonBiryukovUofC Panel is a separate project from Bokeh. You will need to take this up with the Holoviz team that maintains Panel:

It’s possible you are using incompatible versions of Panel/Bokeh, but that is something they would be the ones to know about.

I think the root cause though is not in the Panel - like I said, I do not see any errors coming from improper usage of their widgets, but rather an update of bokeh plots (judging by browser console behavior).

@AntonBiryukovUofC Those are generic messages from Bokeh, saying saying it got events containing data it was not expecting. I am nearly 100% sure this is either due to:

  • incompatible Panel / Bokeh versions being used together, or
  • a bug/misuse inside of Panel

I reiterate my suggestion to check first with the Holoviz team. If there is indeed some Bokeh issue after all, they will also be able to determine that as well and help file an appropriate issue.

However, please know that it’s very much less likely that anyone will be able to help (either here or on the Holoviz discourse) unless you can provide more concrete details, and most especially a Minimal Reproducible Example to actually run and investigate.

Thanks for suggestion. That 100%-nearly-sure statement (and the one before it) actually adds quite a bit of information into the discussion for me at least as opposed to just that previous response of yours :).

I’ll work on a MVP in a short while - at this point I could not show code as part of the application is used internally at my work. I’ll make up some data and create an example

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