Bokeh for High Energy Physics


I have recently presented bokeh to the High Energy Physics scientific community. I showed the basic features and some simple interactions, and tried to convince everybody bokeh is the way to go. Please find the repository here.

Keep going with the good work!


@b-fontana that sounds very interesting (once upon a time my background was in physics)! Do you think you could share a few screenshots or screengrabs of the presentation here?

Very interesting. I am also a High Energy Physics scientific :grin: I have developed with some colleagues a Python Covid Analysis toolkit based on bokeh
Do not hesitate to have a look

@Bryan The tutorial is actually available via Youtube (starting from minute 35). I also included two embeddings on this dummy website. We are even discussing extending bokeh for some common use cases (specific for High Energy Physics [HEP]) just like mplhep works for matplotlib. We are talking about a very large community that could benefit from bokeh's great features.
I suppose this does not exist, but I would love to be a sort of ambassador for bokeh in HEP!

I hope bokeh continues to improve as in the last few years!

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@b-fontana Thanks for the kind words! FYI it was not immediately clear to me that the embedded examples had to be accessed via the top menu (i.e. that there was not supposed to be content right at the link). You might consider adding a sentence like “click the menu links above to see embedded examples” to help viewers along.

Also FWIW I was suggesting adding screenshots here because teaser images are one of the best ways to actually get people to follow links :slight_smile:

@b-fontana I’d like to put out a tweet about this, if that’s okay with you! Do you have a twitter handle we should tag?

@Bryan Thank you for the input. I updated the website (first time dealing with web content, it is quite overwhelming) and added some screenshots above.
@carolyn That is much appreciated. I do not have a Twitter account, but feel free to add a link to the relevant repository.