Bokeh glyph line_width scaling


I have the same question as python - Bokeh glyph line_width scaling - Stack Overflow

Has anything changed with bokeh glyph border rendering mechanisms since 2017? Is it now possible to scale the border width when zooming (something like circe size with radius (data units) instead of size (screen units, pixels), here)? Or is bigreddot’s answer is the only way to do this?

Bokeh respects glyph order when drawing. So, the only other suggestion I can give if you really must have proportional “borders” is to plot two sets of rects. The first is slightly larger and is the “border” color. The second (which will render on top) should be slightly smaller, centered on the first rects, and be the “interior” color. The units for each should be specified in “data space” (the default for rects anyway) In this configuration the “border” will scale.


Nothing has changed. The underlying HTML canvas APIs for basic generic outline strokes (that we have no control over) only offers an option for pixel units, so therefore the same is true for Bokeh.

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