Bokeh grid problems

I get an error :
RuntimeError: Models must be owned by only a single document, VBar(id=‘2223’, …) is already in a doc

Tried all different things, still cant make it work. No error without “grid” line and, as soon as I put it in, i get them.
My second plot is Geopandas file, but I cant even make it work with a bar chart. is not any part of Bokeh itself. If you are using a third-party library that wraps Bokeh then this forum is not the best place to seek help. If you created then you need to share details about what it does.

Edit: I see you are using pandas_bokeh. That is definitely an outside project that we don’t have any direct collaboration with. This might be a bug on their end. You might try posting questions on their project issue tracker on GitHub.

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