[bokeh] heatmap line color different than rect color

There are lots of ways this might be done, without knowing more about the specifics of what you are doing, I can't really do more than just list them:

* have an explicit full CDS column of data for line_color for every rect
* use a CustomJSTransform to compute the line_color based on some other CDS column
* use an entirely separate glyph with a transparent fill on top top the heat map just for the "special" rects

Probably other ways too.




On Mar 11, 2019, at 12:17 AM, [email protected] wrote:


Is it possible to have different "line_color" for certain "rect" in a heatmap like shown below?

<Auto Generated Inline Image 1.png>

Thank you for your help.

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<Auto Generated Inline Image 1.png>