'bokeh init' fails to initalize in 2.3.0dev12

Hello world :slight_smile: !

So far we built a few custom components that are run time compiled (our latest running environment is 2.3.0dev3) . As we started to attempt to upgrade our system to the latest it started throwing an error. we isolated it to the compiler.js file.

Isolating it further when starting a completely new project (without any custom code fresh conada after installing bokeh running the command bokeh init throws the same error. please find attached both for 2.3.0dev3 and 2.3.0dev11

Building bokeh init with 2.3.0dev3 builds with no errors (can’t attach more than 1 screen shot - new user)
Thanks in advance for your feedback and for all the wonderful framework!

cc @mateusz

@anx What versions of node, npm, typescript are you using?

Thanks for looking into this!
I’m literally in step one of the process (haven’t installed typescript directly (or globally) ) using what ever bokeh has built in in 2.3.0dev12 (when this error happens).

my node version is v10.13.0 and npm is 7.5.2

the only step I’ve done was through conda install bokeh 2.3.0dev12 and then attempt to setup the project with the command above.

Managing and building extensions requires nodejs 14+ (the current active LTS). The simplest would be to upgrade. With some work, it still may be possible to cross-compile compiler’s bundle to an older version of ES, that node 10.x or 12.x supports. In any case we will need to be more upfront about what minimum version is required.

Thanks @mateusz!
Ahh ! that’s logical.

Thanks for the prompt response.