Bokeh Meeting Minutes 2/10/2016

Bokeh Meeting Minutes

Feb 10, 2016

Attended: Bryan, Fabio, Brendan, Hunt, Mateusz, Sarah, Luke, Damian

Status updates:

  • Bryan:

  • Add ‘real’ properties to BokehJS

  • allows additional validation and error messaging

  • helps with visual configuration of plots

  • adds machinery for mixins, annotations will be able to use all properties that glyphs use

  • Luke and Maggie will help with additional testing

  • No changes required on the Python side

  • Community involvement is increasing!

  • Damian:

  • Triaging issues and PRs

  • Looking at bokeh ext on windows.

  • Fabio:

  • Working on client project for about the next week

  • Brendan:

  • Added simplify shapefile bokeh server example PR

  • Reduced size of crossfilter example

  • Adding more documentation for tile providers.

  • Luke:

  • Working on client projects

  • Mateusz:

  • Working on Bokeh / PhosphorJS integration

  • Progressing with generating Bokeh js bundles

  • Made updates to Bokeh Scala

  • Sarah:

  • Continuing with testing work

  • Helping to build Bokeh community in Bay Area.


  • Need to reduce BokehJS size. Are there areas which can reduced including spots of jQuery, underscore, and backbone. Looks like removing backbone.js will not be too difficult as it is only really used for collections and eventing.

  • We need to give better guidance about hover tool. There have been several recurring issues on Github regarding use of hover tool.

Current Actions:

  • Let’s have a status meeting to talk about issue Hunt has put in after planning meeting. Hunt will schedule for next Tuesday.

  • Bryan to check if Continuum can sponsor refreshments for Bokeh Meetup in Bay Area.

  • Let’s talk about use of Slack during the next meeting.

  • Let’s start publishing meeting minutes to bokeh mailing list.