Bokeh Meeting Minutes (2/24/16)

Bokeh Meeting Minutes

Feb 24, 2016

Attended: Bryan, Fabio, Brendan, Sarah, Mateusz, Almar, Damian, Luke

Status updates:

  • Bryan:

  • Was in Asheville last week developing new layout system

  • Integration work remains

  • New meetup in Bay Area (3/15) with 15 people signed up after only one day.

  • Fabio:

  • Has been going through mailing list issues and closed some small bugs.

  • Synced with Nick on interactive charts

  • Going to add PR for example runner

  • Brendan:

  • Added WMS Layer

  • Small fix to spectrogram

  • Almar:

  • Working on PR to refactoring Flexx

  • Fixed various webgl issues

  • Added noarch package for Flexx

  • Possible task to add noarch package for Bokeh

  • Damian:

  • Discussing noarch packaging and windows entry points with Almar

  • built and uploaded noarch flexx package

  • general issues management

  • Luke:

  • working on annotations

  • Mateusz:

  • Continued work on hit testing

  • Working on Taptool and hovertool

  • minor work into Bokeh scala to integrate plotting interface

  • Sarah:

  • Big week for testing, add parallel running of tests with big speed improvement

  • Image diff machinery now in separated out.

  • Helping to build Bokeh community in Bay Area.


  • Let’s move over more to slack

  • For KML and Shapefile example, move to blog and/or docs.

Current Actions:

  • Make issue to discuss creation of bokeh blog (sarah)

  • Write a wiki page about integration Havoc’s algo into Bokeh