Bokeh Meeting Minutes (3/23/16)

Bokeh Meeting Minutes

Mar 23, 2016

Hangout link:

Attendees: Bryan, Sarah, Mateusz, Brendan, Fabio, Damian


  • Brendan will help Andrea with bokeh map trouble

  • Brendan to demo new datashader bokeh work for Bryan

  • Hunt schedule meeting will Bryan and Fabio to review Bokeh / Excel demos form PyData Strata

  • Brendan will run meeting next week

Status Updates:

  • Bryan

  • creating bokeh related materials for conferences

  • tidying up stuff for GSoC

  • finished up proposals for Scipy conference

  • working on support for jinja template for bokeh apps

  • Sarah

  • working on layouts and has work-in-progress PR

  • there is small flickering issue during redraw

  • made the layout constraints pass there values up-the-line instead of calling solver directly

  • Brendan

  • finishing out some features on bokeh-geo

  • closing out PRs which will move out of bokeh main into bokeh-geo

  • Mateusz

  • has large PR working on typescript integration

  • Fabio

  • working on Bokeh / Excel integration

  • reviewing transform PR

  • core charts having trouble with sphinx

  • Damian

  • reviewing issues and PR management