Bokeh Meeting Minutes (3/30/2016)

Bokeh Meeting Minutes

Mar 30, 2016

Attendees: Hunt, Almar, Luke, Brendan, Fabio, Mateusz

Status Updates:

  • Almar

  • working on bokeh demos

  • merged TypeScript api PR

  • Mateusz

  • Initial TypeScript API PR merged

  • Working on some issues related to object graph construction

  • Creating follow up PR for TypeScript API

  • Submitted a clean up PR related to Collections

  • Fix performance issue related to glyphs and adding multiple documents

  • Luke

  • building bokeh server dashboard ui for dask distributed project

  • Hunt

  • reported issue about charts api histogram having binning issues.

  • Brendan

  • making small change to taptool to access geometry in taptool

  • added bokeh-geo repo

  • Fabio:

  • looking at potential of building an additional data source to represent multiple data sources which would be great for bokeh excel integration and would be useful for charts api. This is really about linking/faceting data.

  • focusing on MS Excel integration


  • Fabio to help hunt with charts histogram example

  • Luke to create dev build today