Bokeh Meeting Minutes 3/9/16

Bokeh Meeting Minutes 3/9/16

Attended: Bryan, Sarah, Mateusz, Havoc, Fabio, Hunt, Brendan, Luke

  • GSoC is proceeding, offered to have an an associated mentor


  • setup call to coordinate layout development
  • Brendan / Bryan to talk TapTool + WMS
  • Triage the Github Issues.
  • Use the Gitter channel instead of slack or flowdock.

Status Updates:

  • Bryan: working on preparation for several presentation
  • PR review including slider callback PR
  • position arguments
  • some server related tasks
  • Sarah:
  • working on layout through friday
  • Mateusz:
  • computing bounding boxes for all aspects of plots including frame, aspects, and legends for use in layouts
  • submitted PR which includes “clickable” legend
  • Luke:
  • working on label annotations
  • Brittan has been doing some great examples of using Bokeh with NetworkX
  • Fabio:
  • adding examples for showing possibilities for integrating Bokeh cross filter and Charts API into MS Excel
  • would be great to have Excel Command for Bokeh Server
  • Brendan:
  • Submitted a PR for additional tile provider
  • Adding issue about need for more documentation
  • Going to add user defined model for KML