Bokeh Meeting Minutes 4/27/16

Bokeh Meeting Minutes 4/27/16

Attendees: Bryan, Hunt, Damian, Brendan, Fabio

General Updates:

  • Scipy tutorial has been confirmed

  • Great issues meeting last week
    Status Updates:

  • Bryan:

  • finished up template PR

  • working on tutorials for PyData London (server, push_notebook)

  • Brendan

  • working on bokeh/datashader library and client work

  • Damian

  • adding anaconda-build

  • Fabio

  • working on bokeh excel integration

  • reviewing mailing list issues

  • Mateusz

  • working on TS and legends

  • Sarah

  • finishing up layout PR

  • Schedule another “Issues” meeting

  • Organize 4hr scipy tutorial