Bokeh Meeting Minutes 4/6/16

Bokeh Meeting Minutes

Apr 06, 2016

Attendees: Luke, Fabio, Bryan, Sarah, Brendan, Mateusz, Almar, Hunt

General Updates:

  • Strata went very well, great conversations about Bokeh

Status Updates

  • Bryan

  • working on small PRs and merging ready PRs

  • working on small server fixes including add_periodic_callback bug

  • Sarah

  • continuing to work on layout focusing on widgets portion which may change how toolbars are added

  • Brendan

  • OHLC example video

  • additional documentation on Bokeh-Geo

  • Fabio

  • working on anaconda excel which is somewhat in flux but continuing. One of the difficult parts is integrating with the Excel IE client.

  • Almar

  • continuing work on Bokeh demos and fixed resize issue

  • planning for additional webgl enhancements

  • Mateusz

  • has additional TypeScript API enhancements

  • continues to refactor Bokeh properties system

  • planning to finish work on interactive legends

  • Luke

  • finished a couple label/annotation PRs including Latex integration

  • going to help with phantomjs download issue

Action Items:

  • Make issue to discuss hook in resources to add extra scripts/styles when extending Bokeh

  • Luke to look at issue #1499