Bokeh Meeting Minutes (6/22/16)

Bokeh Meeting Minutes

June 22th, 2016

Attendees: Bryan, Sarah, Mateusz, Damian, Hunt, HuntJ, Fabio, Brendan


  • Preparing for release candidate

  • Travis CI just added cronjob support, how does that affect our testing strategy.

Status Updates:

  • Bryan

  • Merging PRs, testing, documentation, coordinating release

  • Fabio

  • Helping out with testing.

  • Brendan

  • Working on training material

  • Hunt

  • Helping with training materials.

  • Luke

  • Helping with testing release

  • Sarah

  • Tweak up examples

  • Create layout docs page

  • 3 tiny styling tweak which will get into RC2

  • Mateusz

  • Patching bugs in preparation for release


  • Create Epic for testing

  • Create Epic for GIS features

  • Create Epic for Ongoing Layout

  • Create Epic for small new features (colorbar)

  • Everybody: take a look at branches on github, if you know a branch is stale or old, please remove.

  • Proposal - build on Monday (6/27) and release on Tuesday (6/28).