[bokeh] Plotting advice: Time series (miliseconds) and uniform height verticals coloured by cluster id

I'll be honest and say I don't quite see the full picture. Do you have an example on something similar that you can point to?




On Mar 6, 2017, at 08:51, [email protected] wrote:

Hi Bokeh,

I'm hoping the community can help me understand the best way to accomplish a plot. I'm hoping to be able
  • to visualise vertical bars of at least 1px width to represent 1 millisecond (zooming out to facilitate clearer changes in cluster)
  • which is coloured according to their cluster membership id
  • with no spacing between the bars
  • the height isn't important and can be set to a constant value
as the timeline goes from left to right. I'd also like to implement zone and mouse overs.

The dataset would range in size from a hundred to 3000 thousand records. If you consider the attached image and image each coloured block is formed from individual coloured slices stacked from left to right and as the user moves over the slices the annotations would show slice specific data

I was thinking vbar might be the best starting place but I don't know if its correct to use so many vbars to represent individual slices or if its possible to collapse the padding so the bars look like 1 solid bar

Any suggestions or advice would be welcome

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