Bokeh + remote ssh


I’m pretty new to developing with bokeh. I’m developing on remote machine via “Visual Studio Code Remote - SSH” extension.
“show()” function works great on my local machine, but when I use remote ssh connection, it shows

What is the best way to show my charts, when I use remote ssh? Thanks!

show opens a webbrowser on whatever machine the code is actually run on, so you would need some remote desktop or display forwarding in order for that browser to be able to appear across the network on your local machine. I have no idea what tools or processes can be used for that on Windows, though.

Found some tips:
Maybe it helps…

Browser does not open locally
(Visual Studio Code Remote Development Troubleshooting Tips and Tricks)

Some extensions use external node modules or custom code to launch a browser window. Unfortunately, this may cause the extension to launch the browser remotely instead of locally.

Resolution: The extension can use the vscode.env.openExternal API to resolve this problem.

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