Bokeh serve allow-websocket-origin not working as expected

I have added A record in DNS settings for both domains and .

After adding the following code, the website doesn’t open when ' ’ is typed in the browser:

nohup sudo python3 -m bokeh serve covid19-india/ --keep-alive 7000 --port 80 --log-level=debug &

Not sure what could I be possibly doing wrong here.
Looking forward to get some direction.

You have to add every possible origin separately with multiple --allow-websocket-origin arguments.

Thank you @Bryan. Just tested --allow-websocket-origin=* and it did the job.

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Just to be clear that allows connections from any origin. Any web page on a different domain could embed your app directly. My earlier suggestion was to have multiple instances of --allow-websocket-origin specified on the command line invocation which is perfectly possible to do.