Bokeh Server Import From Folder Structure

Hi all,

I feel what I have is quite a simple question but I am struggling to make this work. I am using Bokeh 2.0.1 server to try and serve up an application, but I need to import some custom classes to help me interact with our internal API. The folder structure looks a bit like:

| folder
| > subfolder_a
| >>
| > subfolder_b
| >>

What I would like to do is include:

from folder.subfolder_a.class_a import ClassA

inside of and since inside it has:

from folder.subfolder_b.class_b import ClassB

It will import the classes correctly. However, I cannot get this to work, I keep getting ModuleNotFound errors.

How do I import classes from subfolders?

(The reason I want to do this, other than to keep the code tidy is that I am using existing classes from another project and I’d rather not edit them if possible)

Hi @Cuahchic

Based on your description, I believe you are trying to import ClassB for use in ClassA. Correct?

If so you need to change the import statement in to something like the following in this illustrative class based on the directory structure you’ve outlined. NB: folder.subfolder_b has been replaced with ..subfolder_b. The .. indicates that the relative path for the class should go up a directory.

from datetime import datetime

from ..subfolder_b.class_b import ClassB

class ClassA(object):
    def __init__(self):
        _methodname = self.__init__.__name__
        self.ts =
        self.b = ClassB()
        print("{:}() INFO ClassA object @ {:}".format(_methodname, self.ts))

Starting with Bokeh 2.0 you can have Bokeh directory style apps be packages, but you need to follow standard Python conventions. Do the app folder and subfolders have files (even empty ones) in them? Those are what allow a Python interpreter to map a filesystem directory structure in to a package hierarchy.

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Thank you guys.

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