Bokeh server on separate host from data source

I’m new with bokeh so apologies if the solution is obvious and I misunderstood the docs.

For a variety of reasons I’d like to run a bokeh server on a different VM or physical machine than the machine where my data is being generated. It looks like it is possible to stream realtime data to bokeh server using the bokeh client but that this is not recommended.

If possible I’d prefer to have a PUSH model where my process which generates a new datapoint can send to the bokeh server and this will trigger a browser update, rather than bokeh server polling an intermediary ajax source which my data generation process needs to push to.

Are there any simple examples around of this kind of thing or is what I’m after a fairly involved effort?

I came across this and the solution tests ok and seems to be what I’m looking for.

Let me know if there’s a better way.

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The solution there with zmq is a reasonable one. It probably wouldn’t hurt to get an example like this in the repo, in case you’d be interested to work up a nice pedagogical demo and contribute it.