Bokeh Server posts a blank page

My Bokeh application shows a blank page but there is no error message
Currently using Bokeh 2.0.1 and Tornado 6.0.4 (Python 3.8.2)
Any way I can resolve this problem

@Clinton_Emok Respectfully, there is nothing anyone can do to help with such scant information. In addition to the Bokeh server console log that I assume you are referring to, there is also the browser’s Javascript console log that you should check for information. (This varies by browser you will have to research how it is accessed on whatever browser you are using.) But really, what is almost always most helpful and necessary is a Minimal Reproducing Example that can actually be run and investigated by the person trying to help.

Found this error in my chrome tab maybe this can narrow it down a bit
I will add Minimal Reproducing Example in a bit

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Unfortunately those are unrelated, they just point the page not being able to load various source maps for some various (non-Bokeh) scripts. That’s not actually a problem though, as source maps are just used for development purposes. Look forward to testing out an MRE directly!

I already fixed the issue after checking the console log like you said,
I wasn’t sending all the information required to make the plot

Glad to hear it is resolved!