Bokeh Sprint at PyData Global


I have been using Bokeh for my data visualization needs for the past few years. Thought of contributing via Bokeh Sprint session at PyData Global. My background is in Science and Engineering and not computer science. I can help with documentation, adding notebook examples and testing. Will these be useful for the Bokeh Sprint session at PyData Global or the focus will be on core Bokeh development?

Thank you.


@swamilikes2code Yes, help with documentation and testing will be super valuable! :slight_smile:

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I will set up and be ready before the sprint. Looking forward to it.


I am in the Gather room for Bokeh Sprint. What is the platform to be used for interacting with the leaders of the sprint? Is it Gather, Slack or Bokeh Discourse? I did sign up for Slack and identified a good first issue.

Thank you.