Bokeh stand alone to private sharepoint

I am trying to add a dashboard I designed on bokeh to a private sharepoint, but have not had any luck.
I am not sure if I can upload the html files from output_file or the actual code in the resulting object from file_html. Is there a tutorial to achieve this goal?

What have you tried already, and what were the results? (i.e. if it failed, how did it fail and what were any error messages in the JS console log for instance?) I have zero personal experience with sharepoint so i can’t offer any specific first-principles response regarding it. All I can do is try to respond to detailed error reports, and point at the User Guide docs for embedding in general:

I want to embed the plots an animations from my bokeh into sharepoint. I tried to insert the raw html code in page content, in edit source, and as embed code and web part options. None gave me an error, but nothing happens.

This guy did it, I was assuming there is a tutorial or an example somewhere.
dowczarek Embeding bokeh plots

I was assuming there is a tutorial or an example somewhere

AFAIK that is the only time anyone has asked about sharepoint in 8+ years. It’s just not anything we have ever been prompted to prioritize in any way (also none of the core devs have ready access to any sharepoint to test with afaik). Which doesn’t mean we don’t want to help, but you just need to realize that this is not at all a common request, and that you are basically breaking new ground, so it will be a process.

You say there is no error. To be clear I am asking about the browser JavaScript console, have you checked the the JavaScript console?

@Bryan, I got it. I did not mean it to be an instant answer. This was also suggested at my work, but the person who suggested did not have a clue how to do it. Right now I am not at the office, but I will check tomorrow in the console and let you know if there is an error.

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