Bokeh Supports Interactive Scientific Publication of the First COVID-19 Multi-scale Ensemble Model

This announcement demonstrates how Bokeh is capable of advancing scientific publication.

Below are two recent publications of the first COVID-19 multi-scale ensemble model

Those publications are possible only because Bokeh allows generating interactive html content. The first publication is an interactive scientific paper and the second is a presentation for a webinar. Both of these were generated using HoloViz technologies that use Bokeh.

In both publications, the viewer is able to interact with the figures and explore the results. There is a saying that a picture is work a thousand words. I will add that an interactive picture is worth much more!

Technologies such as Bokeh will allow scientific publication to evolve to the next level where readers no longer need to decipher small figures - they can now explore rich multidimensional data using zoon and hover. It is now possible to show the entire picture in one figure that tells the entire story.

The scientific publication system still needs to adopt such new technologies. Very few venues exist that allow such interactive publications.

However, if the Bokeh community will produce more such scientific publications, it will accelerate the adoption process and we will have much better science.


Hi @Jacob_Barhak ,

These are excellent. Thank you so much for sharing your work! The Bokeh team is focused right now on some improvements to formatting and text rendering for scientific publications, so this is very timely.

I’d like to put out a link to your post on Twitter; if that’s alright with you, do you have a Twitter handle I should tag?

(I moved your post to the Showcase category, which is typically where users share projects or demonstrations of Bokeh.)

Thanks @carolyn ,

There is a twit for this through the HoloViz team:

I do not use twitter, yet I will be happy if others will twit.

And it seems your setup does not allow editing, can you please correct a typo - the second publication title should be:

The Reference Model for COVID-19 - The First Multi-Scale Ensemble Disease Model

The '‘l’ at the end was accidentally omitted.

If you can help fix that typo it will be nice.