Bokeh TextInput parameter to key-stroke listen

I would like to use TextInput/Autocomplete widget in my dashboard and have it being able to listen to each action which is made there, not only after Enter-input or changing focus to another element.
My goal is to use Autocomplete widget for filtering dataframe where user could start inputting name of a row and it would be automatically corrected if df had capital letters in name of columns.
In other words, df has a column “Price”, user inputs “p”, Autocomplete immediately corrects it (according to the name of potential column) to “P” and then user finishes inputting it.

As I can see here -
on July update (v.1.3.0) this capability was added to TextInput widget.
In details of commit there is line “new property “wait_commit” for the event listener”. But this parameter doesn’t exist and furthermore official Bokeh v.2.0.1 documentation knows nothing about this property at all.

Would be grateful for the help.

I have already given you an answer at
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The property that was added is value_input

As an aside I didn’t realize the RTD was serving old junk docs, I have deleted that project. Please always refer to the official docs at

Yea, thank you. At first, I’ve asked it here. But my account was held under verification that’s why it’s turned into 8hour-block and I’ve decided to ask it on stackoverflow.
Thank you!

I’m guessing you copy-pasted the content? Discourse holds suspicious first posts for moderation, and in this case the reason was that (evidently) the post looked like it might come from an automated system. You should be good to go now