Bokeh tools, filename to save, labels

Hi, I am new to Bokeh.

First, I have a question about save tool. How to translate it? Now it says “Save”, I would like to translate it into Slovenian (“Shrani”)?

Second question: when I try to save PNG from HTML graph, it offers me filename bokeh_plot.png. How do I change offered filename?

And third question, I have custom labels on my x-axis (actually, they are hours, and I am plotting temperature from sensor).

labels = ['0-1', '1-2', '2-3', '3-4', '4-5', '5-6', '6-7', '7-8', '8-9', '9-10', '10-11', '11-12', '12-13', '13-14', '14-15', '15-16', '16-17', '17-18', '18-19', '19-20', '20-21', '21-22', '22-23', '23-24']
p = figure(plot_width=900, plot_height=400, tools="save", x_range=(labels), y_range=(10,30))
p.xaxis[0].formatter = PrintfTickFormatter(format='%s')
p.xaxis.major_label_orientation = "vertical"

The problem is, if labels are oriented vertical, I got this:

As you can see, labels on x-axis are not aligned to be below the axis line, but in the middle of the line. Any idea how to solve this?