[bokeh] Update Streaming Plots with Difference Array Lengths in ColumnDataSource


The restriction that all CDS columns have the same length means you will have to have two ColumnDataSource objects, one or the time series, and one for the histogram. The stream method is per-CDS, there is no way to stream to more that one CDS with a single function. But you can just always call stream on both in succession:





On Nov 5, 2018, at 06:44, [email protected] wrote:

Hi All,

Im using the Bokeh Server and a ColumnDataSource to update 5 streaming plots. These plots display the last 30 points in a time series. Now I would like to add a 6th plot - this time a histogram. This histogram is of prior data and so there are about 400 data points to be put into it. Occasionally I would like to add a new data point - growing the data that goes into the plot. So for example, at some other time in the future it will have 401 points, 402 points... etc.

Can I do this with ColumnDataSource? My understanding is that all arrays in the column data source must be of the same length. If not, can I push 2 ColumnDataSources in source.stream()?

Thanks for your help!

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