Bokeh v0.2 released

Hi everyone,

I’m excited to announce that we’ve tagged version 0.2 of Bokeh. This marks several months of work and cleanup, and features many significant improvements.

I wrote a blog post here:

The new web site is here:

The github repo has been renamed to, with a lowercase “b”. If you have an older checkout with a capital “B”, you can either edit your .git/config, or you can just clone the repo again.

There are also Reddit and Hacker News posts here:

The roadmap ( lays out our work items for the next release. Our docs and all of our publicity around the project will direct people to this list, so we’re hoping that this will mean more activity here. The internal devs will also engage in more discussion here on the public list, rather than private one-on-one emails.

Please check it out and report back if you have any problems!