Bokeh version update with Anaconda - not latest version?


Thanks to really helpful response to an earlier post, I know that I need to run Bokeh 2.2 in order to get the save-as-png functionality to work properly. I have checked and find that the version I have installed is 2.1.1 .

I am only so techie. Since the bokeh docs suggest Anaconda as easiest way to get latest stable version installed, and I already use an Anaconda install for python, I used Anaconda to install bokeh, and have run ‘conda install bokeh’ to see if it would update the version. This tells me I have the latest version installed, and it turns out that’s still version 2.1.1 . Am I failing to do something important in Anaconda, or does this mean that 2.2 isn’t considered stable yet by Anaconda?

I’m using 64 bit Anaconda3, conda-4.9.2 build py38haa95532_0, with OS windows 10 for workstations version 1909 build 18363.1198.

Many thanks, and apologies for stream of very ‘beginner’ (or indeed ‘idiot’) questions.


Here are a few options to try.


conda update conda
conda update anaconda=2020.07

The above will (i) update the conda utility and (ii) then install an Anaconda metapackage, corresponding to a specific release of all the packages that underwent testing as part of the release process. Here, 2020.07 is the most recent release as of this reply (13-NOV-2020).


conda update conda
conda update --all

As above, the first command updates the conda utility. The second command will update the packages in your existing Anaconda environment to the most recent versions possible.

For what it’s worth, I typically use the second option when I want to do a wholesale update to an environment.

See the following URL for more information.

Updating Anaconda from older versions