Bokeh webapp on Google Application Engine how-to?

Hi everybody,

I am trying to deploy on Google Application Engine a Bokeh app (0.12.6). I don´t know how should I configure the app.yaml file to achieve…the same app is running in Heroku with this command in Procfile:

web: bokeh serve --log-level=debug --num-procs=0 --port=$PORT --show --host=* --address= --use-xheaders

But when I try the deployment (embedding this command as entrypoint in app.yaml) in Google App Engine I get a 502 Nginx error.

Of course, and requirements.txt are the same in both environments (Heroku, App Engine).

If anybody could send me an example of an app.yaml file for bokeh, I would appreciate it. I suppose there is a direct way (same as Heroku) to deploy it without embedding in Flask and deploying in App Engine using gunnicorn.

Thanks a lot.