Bokeh Weekly Meeting Minutes

Attended: Almar, Fabio, Hunt, Mateusz, Sarah

Status updates:

  • Almar
  • PR created on making PyScript work for 2.7. Waiting on how to include main window used to access javascript specific stuff
  • Waiting on Conda package for Flexx.
  • Mateusz:
  • Working on selection and test management
  • Working on toolbar improvements - conceptual stage
  • Sarah:
  • Continuing with testing work. Been going well. Got xdist running so means can run tests in parallel.
  • Worked on SVG output.
  • Worked on hover tool cropping work around.
  • Needs Access to Target Process.
  • Helping to build Bokeh community in Bay Area.


  • N/A

Current Actions:

  • Let’s have a status meeting to talk about issue Hunt has put in after planning meeting.
  • Bryan to check if Continuum can sponsor refreshments for Bokeh meetup in Bay Area.
  • Let’s talk about use of Slack for the next meeting.
  • Add PRIVATE repo for minutes, uploaded and then Travis or another builder to send emails
  • Get update on reducing BokehJS size.
  • Get better guidance on hover tool.
  • Get Sarah access to Target Process

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