Bokeh x-Series


can you help me with my problem? I have chart which on X-axis has time based series. This would be correct, but I have 2 values in same day and I would need to display the values with constant distance even with time-based series (can be formatted into text …).

Here is example (one chart, but with different X-Axis series).:
Example of Integer Values in X-Axis:

→ distance between is fixed because X-Axis is continuous numbers (but display internal identification → not for customer)

Example of Time based X-Axis:

→ distance between is not fixed, because X-Axis is datetime

My question is: Is there a way how to format X-Axis series which is DateTime as string to display date instead of ID of record (which is internal information) and have fixed distance on X as it would be “linear”?

my data contained multiple records gained during a day several times which should be shown as continuous series of data. Date time format is nice, but squeeze data of one day into almost column.

Thank you

Jan Vaško

Is it possible for example convert date to text and keep X-Axis as text only?

@VASKOTechDesign I am afraid I am not exactly sure what you are asking for. It would really have to have a very small complete Minimal Reproducible Example of what you are starting from to focus discussion and iterate on directly.