Box select not working properly on mobile

The box select doesn’t seem to be working properly here when I try it on mobile devices. Seems to work fine on the Desktop however… Have any of you faced similar issues/behavior? :thinking:. Here’s how I added it to the figure:

p = figure(x_axis_type='datetime', plot_height=300, plot_width=700, active_drag='box_select', tools='pan, box_select, box_zoom, reset')

I have some CustomJS callbacks linked to this using cds.selected.js_on_change(...) where cds is the column data srouce used for glyphs in figure p.

It’s really strange because it seems to be working just fine on both mobile and desktop for the plots here. I thought I created these the same way. But clearly ducked it up somewhere :man_facepalming:

Any thoughts would be much appreciated!

@hnagib Version information is always important and relevant for any support question, please always provide it in every question. The broken page is using a much older version (1.3.4) than the working page (2.2.1), so the solution would be to update the Bokeh version used to generate the “broken” page.

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Ah. Will do! That did the trick. Thanks!! :pray:

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