Broken DataTable/Jupyter?

I’m having trouble with getting a DataTable to show in a jupyter notebook.
Copying and pasting the code from the DataTable section of
into a notebook does not work. Adding the output_notebook command does not improve it.
The chrome console shows this error:
VM218:456 Uncaught Error: could not resolve type 'DataTable', which could be due to a widget or a custom model not being registered before first usage

Seems like a bug?

Continued: works just fine to open an html page in another browser tab when run from a notebook. executing output_notebook first results in the same error as above in the chrome console.

@Steve_Maxwell I can’t reproduce any issue with Bokeh 3.2 in Jupyter-lab:

Here are some things you should always provide in any OSS support request, to help others help you:

  • all relevant package, platform, and software versions
  • a complete Minimal Reproducible Example to avoid any and all ambiguity
  • detailed instructions to run
  • screenshots or video captures, as appropriate

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