Button_type='light' for other selectors


I am trying to get formatting for Select, ColorPicker and Spinner that is similar to the button_type='light' for Button. This format provides a nice control/label for plots. In the attached, the I and world are Dropdowns with light button formatting (the “help” is a button with light formatting). Plasma256 is a Select, the yellow rectangle is a ColorPicker and the 0.6 is a Spinner. I would like to have these all formatted like the Dropdowns. I could change the Select to a Dropdown but this results in a very large menu for the user to navigate by scrolling the browser (unlike the Select which allows for only scrolling the menu itself). Is there a nice way to do this?

I tried to find this in the documentation but couldn’t find formatting help for individual widgets (outside of plots). Thanks in advance for any advice…

API for styling widgets is very limited. You’ll need to use CSS rules:

OK, thanks for the link

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